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Testimonial: Baby with Reflux

Smiling baby in a white romper.The Physio Rooms was recommended to me by a friend. My second son, R, had reflux and was prescribed Zantac for it. On top of this, he found it quite difficult to get his wind up and was visibly uncomfortable lying on his back. Even when breastfeeding, I could see him getting uncomfortable. I had heard that if a baby has a quick or traumatic birth (R was induced) that Craniosacral Therapy can often help to put things right. I called The Physio Rooms first to discuss R and the therapist was so helpful, knowledgeable and kind on the phone. When I met her in person, it was obvious that not only was she an expert in her field, but that she was passionate about what she did; as a Mum herself, she was understanding and empathetic. She took a detailed history of both myself and R and even did a treatment on me, as I had quite bad sciatica towards the end of the pregnancy, which still lingered a bit. Within a few sessions, R’s symptoms were much improved and he came off his medication! If you are thinking about Craniosacral Therapy, I would say just to go for it and give The Physio Rooms a shout today. Emma, Blackrock.

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