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Looking after your back…throughout the day!

The Winter months typically bring more sitting down and a return to gym schedules in the darker evenings. You can boost your health during the day and decrease your risk of injury by simply improving the way you sit! Here’s a few hints to get started with:

  • Be creative. If a sitting position is uncomfortable, move.  Preventing strain will prevent pain.
  • Take time to adjust your work station or sitting position so that it works for you. Simple changes can make a big difference (at work, watching TV, reading).
  • Take regular breaks from sitting in the one position and from tasks that put your body under strain. Stand up, move around, change task. This helps your body recover and builds endurance.
  • Develop a simple series of stretches to do at your desk or as you move about during your day. Your Physiotherapist can help you choose some exercises meaningful to you.
  • And finally BREATHE. Breathing throughout your day can improve oxygenation to the whole of your body, boost your brain power, improve your mindfulness and slow down your nervous system. What more could a body ask for?