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Pregnancy can be a special time. It can also be very stressful. As hormones surge and the body changes, pelvic pain, discomfort and tiredness can be a side effect. Craniosacral work is a gentle and potent way to help mums and babies accommodate and ease into these changes. It can also help build health during this time.

After birth, treatment can help both mum and baby to settle into a new relationship. Unsettled, reflux and colicky babies benefit from hands on work to ease out any effects of birth. Cranial work can help mums recover after their labour and build their health again.



Physiotherapist holding the arm of a patient.
I have been a client of The Physio Rooms for Physiotherapy on a number of occasions. Initially, I had a shoulder injury which improved immensely with the help of Craniosacral Therapy. I had tried many other treatments outside The Physio Rooms and nothing helped. I particularly liked that my therapist listened to my concerns before beginning any treatment. I did not want a heavy handed approach that would only serve to increase my injury, pain, and anxiety. I have also used The Physio Rooms when dealing with pregnancy related pelvic and back pain. The treatments offered were both calming and effective. I had SPD, lower back pain, and a lot of tightness in my hips and legs both during and after the pregnancy. I found that Craniosacral Therapy, pressure points and the Bowen Technique all helped to ease my discomfort and pain. Many thanks, a very happy client, Karen.
Craniosacral for Injury and Pregnancy