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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday
  Contact : +353-86-384-4280

About Us

We are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists passionate about excellent healthcare. Making the essential links between your physical health and overall health is our strength. Treatments are about relieving your pain, getting to the source of your problem and growing your health. We will offer you the skills to strengthen your body and understand your condition.

At The Physio Rooms we have three main in-house services:

We also offer Dry Needling and, more recently we have Ciara from Anú Reflexology offering appointments at The Physio Rooms. This gives you the freedom to choose Physiotherapy or Physiotherapy with a combined approach. All therapies also operate as stand alone treatments.

So what are we good at?

We love treating all ages and many conditions.

  • Sore backs and necks
  • Shoulder problems
  • High level athletes
  • Women’s health
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Unsettled babies
  • Pregnant women and children.


Opening Hours

The Clinic is open Monday to Saturday and we offer daytime and evening appointments. All Physiotherapy sessions are 45 minutes – that’s 15 minutes longer than a typical physio session. Acupuncture and Craniosacral sessions are also 45 minutes. Additional time may be offered as needed.

  • Physio: Initial consultation €60, subsequent visits €55
  • Acupuncture: Initial €55, visits €45
  • CST: Initial €60, visits €55
  • Reduced rates are available if needed.
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