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Hot Flushes and Acupuncture

Did you knoOlder Woman Relaxingw that nearly 30% of 60 year old women continue to suffer with persistent hot flushes? This may be some years after their last menstrual period. A majority of women will experience some degree of hot flushes as they pass through menopause. The flushes can last anything from a few seconds to 10 minutes, every hour or a few times a week. Vasomotor instability due to high levels of gonadotrophins, the cause of hot flushes, can make life miserable for some women.

What I love about treating these symptoms with Acupuncture is that it is such a natural, safe and effective way of dealing with a sometimes persistent problem. The other symptoms of these hormonal changes, such as sleep disruption, decreased energy and a feeling of agitation also, in my experience respond very well to Acupuncture.