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Acupuncture at The Physio Rooms

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Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a complex medical system. Its strength lies in its holistic approach in which the whole of the person is taken into account when considering diagnosis and treatment. Fine needles are used to help stimulate the body’s nervous system and regulate biochemical and various hormonal changes. Balancing and restoring the body’s energy system can have a profound effect on treating illness, preventing disease and improving health.

Acupuncture can be used in combination with physiotherapy or as a stand alone therapy. Both acute and chronic conditions resilient to other treatments have been found to be responsive to acupuncture. It is effective to alleviate symptoms of pain, spasm, inflammation or swelling in the musculoskeletal system. It is also used in relieving sciatica, trigger point pain, arthritis and sports injuries among other things.

Treatment of musculoskeletal pain through hands on and exercise therapy is often very effective. However in some situations an imbalance in general well-being can hinder recovery. Such things as sleep disturbance, poor digestion, emotional upset or fatigue can contribute to a poor healing response. Acupuncture can often link one symptom to another – such as migraines and menstrual pain or thoracic pain and grief. A combined approach through the addition of acupuncture facilitates healing in the system as a whole and in the local area. Acupuncture seeks to tonify the body’s organs, unblocking channels. As needed it can clear excess heat, warm the interior or calm the shen.