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Dry Needling…What is it?

We are hearing a lot more about Dry Needling these days, so what exactly is it? Dry Needling is the sterile use of needles to target trigger points in a problematic muscle. Research shows that needling these points can help them to release.

So what are trigger points? Essentially, they are ‘knots’ in a tight muscle, exquisitely tender to the touch with a nodular feel. They can give rise to referred pain, tenderness, muscle weakness and joint restriction. Trigger points can occur in isolation or together with other generalised pain syndromes.

Trigger points have long been treated by Chartered Physiotherapists in the management of pain and injury. Dry Needling is one technique to treat them. The needle is inserted directly into the skin at the point of the trigger point or ‘knot’. Usually a jumpy like feeling is achieved. This is a good sign. It indicates that the trigger point has been stimulated. Increased blood flow to the area causes the muscle to relax and release toxins.

So that’s good news for those sore spots in muscles and tight ‘knots’ in shoulders or backs.

Sheila and Muireann both use Dry Needling techniques as part of their treatment approach. Let us know if we can help.

Acupuncture treatment being administered to a patient's back