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Simple groin strain or Labrial tear?

Are you having trouble with a groin strain that is just not clearing up? It’s possible you might have a hip or acetabulum tear.

The Labrum is a ring of cartilage that runs outside the rim of the hip socket. It acts as a rubber seal to hold the hip ball into this socket. Tears can happen, most frequently in 20 to 40 active year olds. The twisting and weight bearing action of football, golf, tennis, and basketball is often the culprit.

You may have no initial symptoms but as the tear develops, locking, clicking, and catching sensations may occur. Pain can be felt in the hip or groin with a feeling of joint stiffness and loss of movement at the hip.

Other causes include trauma, such as car accidents, or repetitive movements involving this twisting or pivoting action. Structural abnormalities can predispose you to this problem. If symptoms are not improving, x-rays and MRI scans can help with diagnosis.

So how can we help? Physiotherapy is recommended as a first line management strategy. Correction of muscle imbalances leading to hip impingement can help resolve issues. A program of stability, strengthening, and flexibility aids recovery and prevents deterioration. Anti inflammatory medication can also help with the pain. In unresolved cases, arthroscopic surgery is recommended. Here repair or removal of the tear is carried out.

So don’t let that annoying groin problem fester. Seek out a professional to help diagnose and manage your problem, allowing you to enjoy the sport or activity you love.