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No More Excuses

The website is updated and ready for your investigation and enquiry. It’s been a labour of love and many hours away from the treatment table. Thank you to Pat McKeown LCEB for his expertise and support, to Lisa Mc Cormack, Photographer, for her generosity of time and care, and to Nadia Williams for her unrelenting attention to detail and enthusiasm. As for our models, a huge thanks!

We are happy to be a little more visible online, to share who we are, what we do and how we do it. We are Chartered Physiotherapists with a passion for excellent Healthcare. We believe our additional Healthcare trainings make our work more interesting and help you get better faster. So that’s Chartered Physiotherapy, Licenced Acupuncture (& Dry needling), Pilates and Craniosacral therapy  all under the one roof. Check us out www.thephysiorooms.ie

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