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Testimonial: Bereavement

dad_baby_squareIn January 2014 I came to point in my life were I was struggling to deal with the death of my brother and the shock and trauma of his death was affecting me in a deep way. I had gone for bereavement counselling and found this helped but didn’t get to the root of my grief. My cousin recommended I go and make an appointment with a Craniosacral Therapist at The Physio Rooms to see if this could help in any way. I will always remember my first session – I felt a huge ball of sadness, shock and trauma lift from my chest that felt like was there for such a long time and felt a huge shift in my body and felt that finally the healing began. After further sessions I noticed so many great changes in my body and gave me the confidence and strength to go forward in my life knowing that my body has the ability to heal itself once I listen and pay attention to it. It really was a life changing experience and has encouraged me now to go and study to be a Craniosacral Therapist so I can help others overcome any obstacles that may be in their lives. Forever grateful, Stewart, Ireland. 23/07/2014.

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