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Testimonial: Toddler’s Recurring Chest Infections

Mom physiotherapist with laughing baby, showing her a model of a spineMy toddler had been experiencing repeated chest infections and conventional medicine was prescribing an endless cycle of antibiotics. Her immune system was on its knees and I wanted to try an alternative route. I was tired and worn down and felt like I was always on edge.

As we went through the medical history during our first session, and throughout all of our treatments, it was so lovely to be able to talk and actually be listened to. I was surprised to learn that, because she was so young, myself and my daughter would be treated together. Our treatments were like a little oasis of calm. I could feel that I was freer in myself after our treatments. Our therapist was also able to suggest lots of exercises for strengthening the lungs.

Since our treatments, my daughter’s general health has vastly improved and recommendations for other alternative therapies were spot on.  We have been antibiotic free (fingers crossed) for almost a year now…a major achievement for a child who was averaging a course a month! Ciara

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