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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Treatment for Babies, Adults and Children

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on treatment that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance. Bringing some awareness to our habitual patterns and being listened to by knowing hands can really boost the body’s health. The therapy works with the whole of the person, often linking physical and emotional problems.

CST acts on the deepest structures and organs of the nervous system, influencing motor and pain mechanisms to change patterns of pain. It works with the digestive, respiratory and endocrine system to create more ease. The treatment is carried out while fully clothed. It is often an experience of relaxation and gentle release.

A patient's head rests on the hands of a therapist during a Craniosacral Therapy session.So what is the craniosacral system exactly? Well, it consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the bones of the cranium (head) to the sacrum (tailbone). By palpating the motion of the cerebrospinal fluid, the therapist can identify health and restrictions in the body. By using gentle skills health can be supported and restrictions can be released to improve overall body well being.

Craniosacral Therapy offers an effective treatment for people presenting with: stress, low energy levels, migraine headaches, whiplash, digestive issues, orofacial pain, anxiety and orthopaedic problems.

Pregnancy, Mums and Babies

Pregnancy can be a special time. It can also be very stressful. As hormones surge and the body changes, pelvic pain, discomfort and Therapist touching the feet of a patient during a Craniosacral Therapy session.tiredness can be a side effect. Craniosacral work is a gentle and potent way to help mums and babies accommodate and ease into these changes. It can also help build health during this time. After birth, treatment can help both mum and baby to settle into a new relationship. Unsettled, reflux and colicky babies benefit from hands on work to ease out any effects of birth. Cranial work can help mums recover after their labour and build their health again. Read More


Having had previous positive experiences at Joanne's clinic when my children were small, it seemed like a natural choice for us to return when my teenager was struggling with stress and anxiety.  Joanne skillfully and intuitively provides a respectful, safe space and is able to form a connection with clients very quickly.  My teenager trusted her and felt able to open up in a way that I hadn't expected.  Being present at the sessions gave me so much insight into what my teenager was experiencing.  It was like a reset button for our relationship, and has helped our connection massively. Following a course of sessions, my teenager was less stressed, more resilient and more able to cope with the challenges of school and social situations. This has continued to develop and the benefits for us both and for our relationship are long-lasting.  I wholeheartedly recommend Joanne to teenagers and their parents (and people of all ages really!).  She is a diamond!
Teenage Anxiety
I’ve attended Joanne’s clinic with two of my babies as newborns for craniosacral therapy whilst we were establishing feeding. The difference even 24 hours later was incredible-a much happier, more comfortable, relaxed baby which massively impacted our feeding experience. Literally no more pain for me.   After seeing her magic work I started attending myself for physiotherapy, and very soon it became a regular appointment. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and amazing intuition when it comes to addressing all the niggles and aches of a postnatal mammy. In more recent months my issues were related to returning to exercise and again, I couldn’t fault her approach. I’ve recommended her to all my mammy friends!
Smiling baby in a white romper.
I cannot recommend The Physio Rooms enough. My son displayed symptoms of reflux at around 5 weeks old, vomiting after every feed, back arching and screaming with pain. After a few sessions of Craniosacral Therapy with Joanne he is a different baby. I cannot thank her enough. I have recommended her to friends and family. It has prevented my son taking any unnecessary medications and he is pain free and taking feeds with no problems.
Baby with Reflux
Beautiful toddler
I took my 2 year old daughter to The Physio Rooms after someone recommended Craniosacral Therapy as she wouldn’t sleep through the night. We had tried everything up to this point! A few days after the first treatment she was sleeping right through the night. Couldn’t recommend The Physio Rooms enough. Treatment is so subtle and through play, she didn’t even realise it was happening. The change in our house now, all of us getting sleep, is amazing. S.
Toddler with Sleep Trouble
Physiotherapist holding the arm of a patient.
I have been a client of The Physio Rooms for Physiotherapy on a number of occasions. Initially, I had a shoulder injury which improved immensely with the help of Craniosacral Therapy. I had tried many other treatments outside The Physio Rooms and nothing helped. I particularly liked that my therapist listened to my concerns before beginning any treatment. I did not want a heavy handed approach that would only serve to increase my injury, pain, and anxiety. I have also used The Physio Rooms when dealing with pregnancy related pelvic and back pain. The treatments offered were both calming and effective. I had SPD, lower back pain, and a lot of tightness in my hips and legs both during and after the pregnancy. I found that Craniosacral Therapy, pressure points and the Bowen Technique all helped to ease my discomfort and pain. Many thanks, a very happy client, Karen.
Craniosacral for Injury and Pregnancy
Mom physiotherapist with laughing baby, showing her a model of a spine
My toddler had been experiencing repeated chest infections and conventional medicine was prescribing an endless cycle of antibiotics. Her immune system was on its knees and I wanted to try an alternative route. I was tired and worn down and felt like I was always on edge. As we went through the medical history during our first session and throughout all of our treatments it was so lovely to be able to talk and actually be listened to. I was surprised to learn that because she was so young, myself and my daughter would be treated together. Our treatments were like a little oasis of calm. I could feel that I was freer in myself after our treatments. Our therapist was also able to suggest lots of exercises for strengthening the lungs. Since our treatments, my daughter’s general health has vastly improved and recommendations for other alternative therapies were spot on.  We have been antibiotic free (fingers crossed) for almost a year now… A major achievement for a child who was averaging a course a month! Ciara
Toddler’s Recurring Chest Infections
A patient's head rests on the hands of a therapist during a Craniosacral Therapy session.
I’ve had a number of sessions of Craniosacral Therapy with The Physio Rooms over the last two years. I’ve always found it hugely beneficial. I leave each session feeling lighter and more balanced. I highly recommend it.
Craniosacral Therapy
Physiotherapist showing a boy a model of a spine.
My son is currently being treated at The Physio Rooms for concussion and for a persistent cough that would just not shift. The therapist has a great way with children, asking them questions in a way they react well to, and really understanding their answers. My son is responding to both her caring and efficient manner, and her thorough treatment. I have recommended The Physio Rooms to friends and family – for adults and children. R.
Child with Concussion and Persistent Cough
Both my daughter (aged 11) and I highly recommend Joanne. She has successfully used Craniosacral and traditional Physio to help relieve back and neck pain for us both. She has helped us to make small changes in our lives to make our body and mind stronger and more able to cope with everyday stress. She is very good at putting the client at ease and treating the whole body not just the area of pain.
Back and Neck Pain Relief
My 10yr old daughter was suffering with bad constipation and was extremely lethargic with little or no energy.  I took her to Joanne for Cranio and after 3 treatments the change in her was dramatic.  Her energy levels soared and she was able to keep up with her friends again while out playing.
Craniosacral for Children