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Acupuncture treatment being administered to a patient's abdomen.Acupuncture and Fertility

Research continues to show the many benefits that Acupuncture has for those trying to conceive. The needling of specific points influences the body’s internal system, regulating chemicals and hormones, thus optimising the process of conception. Unblocking pathways and Tonifying Qi creates the optimal conditions for your healthy baby to grow.

Acupuncture works to balance hormonal levels, regulate the menstrual cycle, help improve the lining of the uterus, increase the quality of the eggs released, promote regular ovulation as well as alleviating stress associated with trying to conceive.

Conditions conducive to treatment include: difficulties conceiving; history of miscarriage; IVF support; and early pregnancy support. Acupuncture can also form an invaluable addition to your preconception care. Why not allow yourself a course of treatment to maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy and equally importantly, a healthy baby.

Acupuncture and Women’s Health
  • Relief from painful, heavy or irregular periods from onset of menarche to pre menopause
  • Enhancement of fertility, pre conceptual balancing, IVF support
  • Relief from pregnancy symptoms, supporting birth
  • Facilitation of natural menopause


Acupuncture treatment being administered to a patient's abdomen.
After three miscarriages in early pregnancy I turned to Acupuncture as I heard it helped with blood flow throughout the body, the growing placenta in particular. Sheila was friendly yet professional, and made me feel at ease straight away. The relaxation and subsequent energy I felt both during and after my treatment was remarkable, and as I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, it clearly worked a treat! I can't recommend it - and Sheila - enough.
Acupuncture & Fertility