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Two babies on their tummies

It’s hard to enjoy ‘tummy time’ when your belly is sore


Two babies on their tummiesMums are all too familiar with the importance of ‘tummy time’. It is an important activity to develop better head control and stronger muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms and back. Developmentally it promotes reaching which will lead to crawling. And there are multi benefits for balance, coordination and hand eye coordination. Yet what happens if your baby really protests against it and seems to be in discomfort during this time? The most common complaint here is digestive discomfort, trapped wind, reflux or constipation. Craniosacral Therapy is a really gentle and potent way to work with the young gut and feeding system. It can release any pressures in the system and ease your baby’s discomfort. I treated a five month old baby recently and after just two sessions the changes were remarkable. The baby was generally more settled throughout the day, pooping better (less constipated!) and less windy after feeds. All this made tummy time much easier.