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Achilles Tendonitis and Calf Strengthening

I have had a really interesting few weeks working with a runner who has a flared achilles tendon that has been bothering her for months. Those classic symptoms of waking up onto stiff feet and ankles are often the early warning signs. These often develop into tenderness and inflammation at the tendon junction and in the calf belly that flare when walking or running. Of course, looking at the hips and low back is always an interesting starting point. The low back innervates the achilles tendon and any disturbance or soreness there can irritate or sensitise the tendon locally. Likewise any muscle imbalance in the hips or asymmetry in the pelvis creates tightness and laxity in muscle groups throughout the lower limb. Often the tipping point to injury is a general tiredness as we go through a busy life period, an increased training load or dehydration (not enough water or poor absorption). After attending to the above factors and including some local work with a very stiff thoracic spine and ankle joint…literally head to toe treatment…we are on the home straight. Check out this video clip for calf strengthening, I really like it :