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Dry Needling

Essentially, this is another tool for us to help you. It involves the sterile use of needles to target trigger points in a problematic muscle. Trigger points have long been treated by Chartered Physiotherapists in the management of pain and injury.  Research shows that needling these points can help to release them.

So what are trigger points? Those familiar ‘knots’ in a tight muscle that are tender to the touch. They often give rise to referred pain, tenderness, muscle weakness and joint restriction. In Dry Needling, the needle is inserted directly at the trigger point causing a ‘jumpy’ feeling. This is a good sign. It indicates that the trigger point has been stimulated increasing blood flow to the area, relaxing muscles and releasing toxins. That’s good news for those ‘sore spots’ and ‘tight knots’ in shoulders, backs and bums.

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